Backboard – Get valued feedback instantly

Today, the whole team is proud to launch a major update to your Backboard experience.

The new Backboard

We’ve listened to your requests and addressed many of them with these six features and many more:

Document and feedback, together at last

One of the biggest shortcomings of the old Backboard was that you had to be constantly scrolling between the document and the feedback people left on it. Viewing markup was even worse: the page automatically scrolled for you, but you couldn’t see what the person was talking about where they were talking about it. It was inefficient at best and maddening at worst.

Starting today, the feedback is on the right side of the page, always conveniently in view for your reference.

Contextual markup

Backboard took a major step forward in August when we added the ability to draw markup right on the document, but a major limitation was that you couldn’t associate your markup with particular feedback; you’d have to say something like this:

The first circle: change the wording.

That line over there: update your explanation to fit with the new graph.

Page 17: I think you could add a few more examples.

No more: now, when you draw markup on the document, a text box immediately pops up and you can write to explain what you drew, right there next to the markup.

When the document’s owner comes back to see your feedback later, he or she can simply move the mouse over what you wrote and see a line pointing to the markup you drew. No more ambiguity, no more frustration, just your feedback, clearer than ever.

Markup shapes

Since none of us, at least here at Increo, are mouse drawing experts, we added some extra options when drawing markup. You can still draw freeform markup just as before, but now if you hold down the Shift key while drawing, you’ll get a straight line, and if you hold down the Option or Alt key, you’ll get an oval. If you hold down both, you’ll get a circle.

Now all of your feedback can be picture perfect and completely clear, to boot.

Live resizing and fullscreen viewing

Until now, Backboard has been a fixed width, which is great if all of your documents are the same size, but insufficient if you have wide presentations or large source materials. Sure, there were zoom controls — and they’re still here in the new release — but now Backboard is as wide as your browser window.

Additionally, you can use the button at the lower-right corner of your document to go fullscreen and use all of that glorious screen real estate you paid for when you bought your monitor.

Live streaming of new feedback and new versions

If you hated having to wait for your colleagues to email you back with their comments or having to constantly reload the page to see if any of your colleagues had responded yet, hate no more: new feedback now streams instantly straight to your browser.

If you’re leaving feedback and the person who created the Backboard adds a new version, that shows up instantly, too! No more waiting for an email that tells you to go back and check out the Backboard again.

Continuous scrolling and keyboard controls

Among the myriad overall enhancements to viewing your document or presentation, you can now use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate from page to page, and if you upload a multi-page document, you can now see all of the pages, one after another, instead of only seeing one page at a time.

A whole bunch more!

We’ve fixed quite a few bugs and made dozens of other small tweaks, and we think you’ll really love the new Backboard experience. All of us are really excited about this release, and we hope it helps you get feedback like never before.

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