Few Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid

We as humans are not born perfect even sometimes I also do make mistakes. It’s great to make mistakes because it’s only when you made the mistake will you be able to learn how to solve them and do less of them. I thought of sharing some of my major top 5 mistakes I made when I blog online so that you are aware not to do them too.
1. When Blogging Do Not Use Your Own Symbols Readers Will Not Understand.
I think it’s because I love to chat on online chat messenger
, I tend to always use symbols like =) or =P in my blogging articles or go on http://www.profit-pulling-toolbars.com.  I discover that what I assume people may understand they see a smiling face to be a whole different thing to someone else on a foreign country. Do try to avoid you any symbols to express expression on your blogs.

2. Spell Check Your Blog Post.
I am seriously very guilty when it comes to this; it is not because I do not know how to do it. But when you have spent an hour more or less on writing the content sometimes it is even more tiring to check the spelling. That is the major reason why you sometimes do see some spelling errors on this blog. I am really sorry on that.
3. Get Someone To Proof Read Your Content.
Another major mistake I always do is my lack of grammar as my level of English is really poor and it is not because English is my 2nd language it is actually my first language. However since I was young, my English has always been very poor but that have not stop me from blogging and making money from it.
You can consider getting local people in your country to hire to do some proof reading on your blog. It will cost you money but I feel in the long run if your blog is able to generate some form of income. Getting a proof reader should be a good investment.
4. Do Not Hard Sell In Your Blog Post.
I was monitoring my blog recently, and I realized when ever I did some form of pitching on my blog and do not give any valuable tips the subscription to the blog would drop or you can visit on http://www.atoz-about-rss.com. So if you want to avoid that to happen, you will require to give more value to your readers to learn more tips from you and have your products at the end of the post. To make it more effective try to make your affiliate links to look as if it’s just a recommendation.
5. Do Not Go Off Topic On Your Blog.
Because what you are reading is a blog and you can virtually talk about almost anything on your blog, I would not recommend you talk too much on your personal stories but instead should be giving more valuable advice so that people can learn more from you. As you give more valuable advice to your readers the more they would want to come back for more.

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