A Bigger Vision for a Bigger Business

A Bigger Vision for a Bigger Business

A Bigger Vision for a Bigger Business

Any worthwhile business mentor will tell you to define your goals in starting your own business. But they may not tell you how to pick the best targets to be successful…

First off – let’s just review that last statement – it suggests some targets are better than others – and that’s simply not true – as long as you are going after your goals and dreams, then they are perfect. When everything you do is focused on achieving something that really speaks to you deeply – then you have the right target. If you do not feel that “gut” reaction when you think of your goals, then you don’t have the right goals for you – this is why working towards someone else’s goals and dreams simply will not work – no matter how much you love your spouse, you may have slightly different goals. For my wife and I – She is focusing on nice clothes and massage treatments, while I am more of an adrenalin junkie, so I’m driven by fast cars, motorcycles, and so on. And that’s great – we do agree on the awesome house we want, but for both of us our main goals are driving us towards a more prosperous life.

So far, so good – and probably not new information if you have been looking into developing your full potential for a while. But here’s the exciting part – you do not have to stop – your “full” potential is not fixed – you can go beyond your full potential and become more powerful than you imagine – and that’s the real power of goals and dreams! Bigger goals are the secret to this. But just as your current goals and dreams become a part of you, so your new, bigger goals and dreams must become a part of you too – that is where the power lives. So for you to achieve an unimaginable level of personal power, you need to stretch your imagination and then start to see yourself in that new place. Luckily there are some very simple steps that you can take to do this:

First off – take your current dreams, for example you might want a bigger house. Make sure that you are completely rooted in that dream – that you see yourself and your family living in that house – Holiday celebrations, birthday parties and everyday things going on. Get totally into the drama of that dream and note how it makes you feel to be living that lifestyle! Now take it up a notch – read magazines or, my favorite, search online for houses in the next bracket up – or even 2-3 brackets up! Take the online tours and do the same exercise – see the same events, and feel how you will feel when THAT is how your family lives.

Finally – go see some of those houses! This is the ONLY way to really get this new level locked into your mind and emotions, and getting your emotional attachment to the new dreams is the source of your power. Most realtors are happy to arrange viewings, and many neighborhoods will have open days – especially in a new build area. Be thorough – you want to leave that house with every fiber of your being knowing exactly how it will be to live like that. Be sure to get your own photographs of you in that place, or at the very least, full property details.

Get home – put that new dream in front of you, and keep coming back to it every day before you do anything else – feel that this is your new life and stay focused on that life throughout your day. With this focus – you will be unstoppable!

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