House of Wonders 2 Game Review

House of Wonders 2 Game Review

House of Wonders 2 Game Review

One thing you’ll come to expect about House of Wonders – Babies Come Home is its being true to the eccentricity that the House of Wonders is known for. Larry, the extremely weird man who owns the house is now back for more hidden object fun, but this time, you’ll be helping Larry himself as he tries to get ready for his babies to get delivered with all their needs already accounted for.

Larry needs help and you’ll definitely feel both sorry and delighted for this man after learning that he and his wife, Lucretia are expecting to have quintuplets – five bouncing babies that will definitely make Larry the proudest father alive. However, the problem is that bearing children needs lots of money in preparation of the nursery as well as the actual delivery. And that’s where you come in as you try to help Larry earn enough money to get his babies delivered in style.

House of Wonders – Babies Come Home follows traditional hidden object mechanics as you try to search each level for hidden items listed on the left side of the screen. You will be timed to complete each set of levels and will also be given a limited amount of hints, pointing you directly to a hidden object when used. After each stage is done, Larry will compute the amount of money you gathered after finding all the items, and you’ll then be able to buy nursery and delivery prep supplies using the accumulated amount.

At first glance, budgeting money might be one of the objectives of the game, but really, you ought to buy all the best supplies for Larry’s would-be children. The end of each stage will enable you to choose a single element for the nursery or delivery room, and depending on the money you have, you can choose to buy the worst supplies or the best ones for the babies, which of course, requires more funds to buy. If you have extra money, you can even buy a house, a car and a boat for yourself, with various amounts of expensiveness too, I might add.

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