Paid Survey Scams

Paid Survey Scams

Paid Survey Scams

I’ve dealt with too many of these so called survey directories and have just recently started taking some of their emails and just sending them directly to the spam section of my email. So, you want to know more? Well, I can tell you plenty more.

The thing with some of these companies is that you get points for each thing you choose to do. They may make you join a website. Others make you buy something then get reimbursed for it. Some make you take part in trial offers of products or services that are a joke themselves. The ones that are easy to do and tend to pay you well are of course the lower paying surveys. The higher end ones mean that you normally have to join a site and pay a membership fee. Some of you out there might have that sort of cash for those sites, but I don’t.

Another rip off are the mystery shopping sites. You go do the shopping and you are supposed to get reimbursed. Then you may be asked to take pictures, talk with a representative, and make a purchase from a significant department. You then have to go online and fill out a form based on your experience. Some of these are legit but a lot of them don’t reimburse you. If you are going to go for these sites, make sure that they give you the money upfront as I have done in the past. There are sites that are out there that are like this.

With these sites, you can try to unsubscribe, but the emails never end. I have tried to cancel my subscription to a few and as I said before, I have gotten to the point I just don’t care. I just send them to spam because there are none that I am interested in. Some sites require you to use your credit or debit card and I have heard of people getting their identity stolen from giving their card numbers to sites like these or they get double charged. If you ask me it’s all too risky.

So, what are some of these sites? There are many out there. Taming the Beast is one, AW Surveys, and many more. Just be careful because we are warning you now the cost you risk with these sites. If a survey site asks you for a fee to join 9 times out of 10 it will be a scam, look out for the free survey sites although the rewards will be lower you are guaranteed to get paid.

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