Business Blogging Can Help You Build Strong Customer Relationships

Business Blogging Can Help You Build Strong Customer Relationships

Business Blogging Can Help You Build Strong Customer Relationships

Business blogging is now seen as the best way forward to connect with your customers on a regular basis. At one time designing a website was the way to go to showcase your services and goods, but not any more. Business blogging is definitely the smart way to build customer relationships.

What do blogs have that websites don’t? Well, for a start a blog is a website, but it’s designed in a different way to connect through Really Simple Syndication or RSS to the search engines and anyone who wishes to receive updates regularly – one thing a traditional website doesn’t do.

But more importantly, a business blog allows you to build relationships with your customers by allowing your personality to shine through. No-one likes the gimmicky sales pitches, they are becoming a thing of the past. What we want now is a ‘connection’ with the people who are selling us services and products.

small-business-blogging-medWhen you write a blog for your business, it’s important you share some of your personality with your readers. You don’t have to go into the personal side of your life, however, if you want to make strong connections it’s important for you to share your story, for example:

Why did you start this blog?

Why should people buy from YOU and not someone else?

What are your experiences of using the products or services?

Why are you promoting these particular products or services?

In your opinion, what are the benefits of using them?

You may have heard of the old saying in marketing ‘People buy from people’. This is absolutely true, but remember, when you are selling online your customers or the ‘people’ in the marketing saying can’t see you in person. This is why it is so important to build your business blog in a way that you connect with your readers and build strong relationships using your personality.

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